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Current flow and extent of structural changes in  renta de autos en monterrey society and industry have never been. Values ​​and different lifestyles, while environmental issues and a wide range of social issues, e.g. urbanization, increasingly significant. op At the same time, innovation drives fast technology advances in areas such as information, intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT) and robotics. Toyota took over this time of great change a new approach that the world will see in 2030 make a long-term value offer perspective. Today, Toyota gives customers value moving cars. In the future, except That increasing the value as indicated by the car, we plan Expand it in the direction of social infrastructure and personal life. Toyota aims at the goal of values ​​related to social infrastructure achieving zero emissions life cycle CO2 from your car and help create a sustainable world, Lubricating lives from Traffi C accidents and Improve transport Effi less combined transport of people and things. We plan to extend the value we provide In personal life by working to help all people act on spontaneous and entertainment, and generosity Optimized services for individual lifestyle. In the future, Toyota will create a sustainable Future of company mobility hand to hand With industrial partners about Broadranging lines provide value over customer expectations. Changing business environment and expansion of the action value Long-term training strategy Electrifi Intelligence Information personal concierge more fun spaceship sharing personal mobility create opportunities for recreation Zero CO2 Life cycle Combined transport People and things Zero causality from traffic accidents relief Congenings / Optional Transport of data Boost function fully automated Description Processing large data / AI volumes Business Environment Changes in Structural Changes in Industry Social Innovation Iot Robotics intelligence technological Update Individual desires / Report Required urbanization ecological Change of life social infrastructure development with car (Action) Personally LIVING mobility Now Expansion Value Events Ultra-efficient Shipping people and things dry changes singly lifestyle Help all people freedom of movement and entertainment Help establishment Sustainable company Health promotion 6 Nissan Annual Report for 2017 Report from President Long-term strategy in short History Initiative for sustainable growth Financial Information NON-AUTOMOTIVE BUSINESS / CORPORATE Information and information about securities Content Creating still better cars and our strategic Transfer to Electrifi Education, Information, Intelligence and technology Based on Toyota Global Vision, announced, In March 2011, Toyota You try to run Positive reprise still better cars to prevent customer expectations and improving the quality of life community rewarded with smiles customers and the community, and therefore weight His strong business foundation for sustainable growth in line with the community. How to face the biggest automotive innovation of the century, Toyota the long-term strategy is to support the management base in its vision of a future mobility society in 2030. Since the birth of the automobile in the 18th century, the movement of people and things has evolved. mahinuklugong. Today, it is possible to ensure convenient transport almost anywhere and at any time. The growth of mobility supports economic growth and social development and culture. The heart of this development is continuous improvement of car performance, safety, and comfort. Now the changes are driven by automatic innovation driving technology using artificial intelligence (AI), related automotive technology, robotics and more places are almost associated with cars, people and social infrastructure in new ways, changing industry, society and the way we live. We believe that our customers will now have a lot of fun car ownership - feels connected to your cars and you will appreciate the design of the car and the fun of driving. However, on nature and resource issues The worse it gets, the more and more cars you see as a symbol of pollution and waste of energy and resources. Technologies that drive rapid change things around cars, e.g. electrification, connected systems and AI potential to bring invisible value. sy also pushes to provide social value by, for eg accident response assistance and burden on nature. Forward, costs associated with these technologies, such as improving functionality to meet related needs environmental regulations, automatic control technologies and related technologies can affect our business. However, services are on the move and related services that use such technologies it also provides opportunities to generate new revenue model. Based on this understanding, we believe that Toyota should now strive to create better cars to sustain and grow the car company, its current predecessor, and move to new business models of the future. We are trying to make better cars improving the specific occupation of each type of car, even though it's a Lexus, part of our GR sports car row, or Land Cruiser, clearly defines the role of a key features of each. At the same time we deliver value in the form of unique Toyota cars loved and appreciated by customers for many years and years. At the same time creating a strategic transition to electricity, information and intelligence in order to build new business models, we expanding the scope of our business. In this way, we not only continue to make progress our current business in car manufacturing, however, is expanding a range of innovations to integrate social platforms that meet society's needs and technologies platforms such as artificial intelligence that go beyond cars. Due to in addition, we strive to provide a wide range of values exceeded customer expectations as we worked to create future social mobility. What Toyota can do is limited as future value. Burn the way to the new mobility companies, we need to find partners like us desires and inspire us to succeed forward while cooperating and competing with players in other sectors. Focused on future mobility Shigeki Terashi Executive Vice President, Member of the Board to the directors Long - term strategy Electrification Information intelligence Keep strengthening our foundation Customers flash Toyota Worldwide vision NATURE perseverance Security and peace of mind hide Waku-doki (excitement and be happy wow nimo) Toyota development consumption future permanent grow Strengthening the new create value options The reinforcement is real to compete with lay the groundwork for steady growth Toyota today * QDR: Quality, durability and reliability Production of the best cars Toyota's dual goals: to create the best cars and move to new business models Strategic shift to electricity, information, and intelligence to build new business models (Excess QDR *) (Creative, forward technology) Security and peace in mind NATURE perseverance Waku-doki (excitement and be happy wow nimo) Car upgrades PROFESSION (Driving fun) Better cars The best cars EV / FCV electrification (HV / PHV) information connected technology Great dates wisdom Automated control AI Folk 7 TOYOTA Annual Report 2017 Report from the President A brief look at the long-term strategy History Initiatives for Sustainable growth Non-automotive business / financial information company Information and stock information Content Focused on future mobility Toyota Business Transformation concept Not in 10 years, 20 years and older ambitious Batas Settings Our ideal Initiatives that break away from convention Previous methods and information and created what he calls Connected strategy. The three pillars of this strategy is following. 1. Connect all cars and create a data collection platform, 2. Use big data to update Toyota and 3. Collaborate with colleagues in various industrial and IT companies to create new mobile services. We try to combine the strengths of Toyota - e.g. knowledge-how to develop in the car manufacturing business and contact with customers by more than 10 million cars a year - a the strength of companies in other sectors, including IT. This will also shift the use of the car from ownership to service-based models, we Work to create a secure, comfortable and exciting future action company by providing customers with attractive services. Automatic control and use of AI: Wisdom Toyota's general development philosophy for automated control technology is Mobility Teammate Concept, a method based on the belief that people and cars can work together to serve safely, comfortable and efficient operation. We believe it is important that we develop automated control technology to be human - centered especially safe. In addition to refined safe driving help, we develop automated systems state of dynamic full-time driving. op at the same time using our advanced security technology kn

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